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Years ago we got all gussied up for a vintage 1950’s photo shoot with authentic car and clothing. (My dress, the hats and the suit are authentic from the 50’s or older) The car has been in my family since 1956.  My great uncle bought it new, then my dad bought it in 1971 and now we have it.  I grew up with it and the smell of it (if you have even driven in a vintage car you’ll know what I’m talking about) takes me back to when I was growing up!

But the time has come for us to part with this beautiful 1956 Packard Clipper.  So I don’t usually try to ‘sell’ things here on my blog but I thought, “hey why not?! This is a really cool car and someone reading my blog might want it!”  Our asking price is $6800. It runs great and is fully restored.  The old car smell is free!


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