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Warning for Photographers

Good morning!  I just read a warning about Abe’s of Maine which is a ‘camera store’.  I personally have never ordered from this retailer because their ‘deals’ always seemed too good to be true and I stick with places like B & H and Adorama or Amazon.  Here is a link to more information about why you should avoid places like Abe’s.  They are what you call a bait and switch retailer. You order a product that has a too good to be true price and they call you up and explain that you need to upgrade your order or they will have to delay it or it will be hard to get your money back.  They lie about import vs US items saying they are made in separate factories.  In the below article they lay out some ways you can protect yourself:

You can keep on reading for some tips on how to protect yourself.

  • Where possible, stay with a Canon USA authorized dealer. You can check the list of authorized dealers on Canon’s site.

  • Sites like ResellerRatings can’t be trusted fully anymore. For example, Abe’s has a rating of 8.50 where as B&H has a rating of 8.30. Non-verified reviews are too easily gamed and a company’s reputation can quickly change.
  • Use eBay or Amazon for Extra Buyer Protection. We whole-heartedly recommend a platform like eBay or Amazon when purchasing from unauthorized dealers. You get extra layers of buyer protection (triple for eBay, if you use eBay + PayPal + Credit Card), and the feedback mechanism results in only verified real feedback.
  • If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. We spend a lot of time to find and list the best reputable deals out there. If it’s much lower than the price we’re showing from other unauthorized dealers, there’s probably a very good reason why we’re not listing it. If you’re unsure you can always contact us and we’ll help clarify.

See they original article with all the information about these types of retailers and why you should avoid them.

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