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She is four! | Harrisonburg Children Photographer

It was just 4 short years ago that “S’ came in as a newborn!  She was so funny at her session because she came running in ahead of her mom and grandma and I asked her if she came by herself, she answered me, “uh huh!”  Then she said she drove herself too!  She informed her mom that she didn’t want mommy to be in the camera room during her session, she was big enough to do it herself.  So once she was all ready she marched in to the camera room all by herself!  She did an amazing job of listening and gave me lots of ideas of how to photograph her!  I think you will agree that she is just adorable.  It is such a pleasure and honor to have been working with her family for so many years!  Thanks guys for trusting me to photograph your little ones.


children_portraits_Glimpse_Photography_four_yr_old-1children_portraits_Glimpse_Photography_four_yr_old-2children_portraits_Glimpse_Photography_four_yr_old-3 - Copychildren_portraits_Glimpse_Photography_four_yr_old-4children_portraits_Glimpse_Photography_four_yr_old-6 - Copychildren_portraits_Glimpse_Photography_four_yr_old-7children_portraits_Glimpse_Photography_four_yr_old-9children_portraits_Glimpse_Photography_four_yr_old-11children_portraits_Glimpse_Photography_four_yr_old-8

admin - she is a big girl now!

Melissa Carper Dinkle - So many awesome images! Thanks for letting S be a big girl and “do her own thing”.

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