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Samantha {Sam} & Mark | Harrisonburg Fall Engagement Photos

This year, fall photos have been really pretty, especially engagement ones!  We met Sam and Mark for the first time in Front Royal at a Starbucks.  Trying to sit down, I think I dropped my sunglasses at least twice and broke Aaron’s sunglasses by dropping them too.  Thankfully they still chose Glimpse! 😉  We decided to do their engagement photos in both the woods and downtown Harrisonburg.  Sam went to JMU  so it’s old stomping ground for her.  I find Sam’s occupation intriguing, she is a consultant for the federal government.  Sylvain Analytics is where she works. Currently she is doing BPR (business process re-engineering) for the Army. From what I understand, one part of her job is helping the government get up to par in reference to using computer programs instead of having papers everywhere!  That sounds like a huge job to me.

Mark teaches Muay Thai at Yamasaki academy.  He is teaching Sam some moves so he better watch out, before long she might take him down! One of the things that drew Mark and Sam to Glimpse was Mark’s artsy side.  You can see his art work in his Etsy shop, D Squared Artwork. I have always loved pen and ink with watercolor.  In fact I’ve just started toying with it myself. I’ve never done watercolors because they intimidated me!  So maybe I’ll be even more inspired now.  🙂

I loved seeing how they interacted.  You can tell that Mark has no problem getting a laugh out of her!  I think she looks so beautiful when the joy bursts out of her.  It’s clear they have fun together.  I asked Sam what they like to do together and this is what she said, “Things we love to do together include working out, eating, and just spending time with each other and our two fat cats!!”  I admit, I have a soft spot for cats. I miss our two we had to give away when we moved. sniff sniff.  Just last night I was looking at funny cat things on Pinterst,  There are some really funny cats out there! 😉

 Aaron and I truly had a good time hanging out and taking photos of these two.  Thanks guys for being such great models! We are looking forward to your wedding next year at The Barn at Kline’s Mill.  It is going to be very fun.

Enjoy Mark and Sam’s fall engagement photos!



I love this one with the path out in front of them! My reason may be a bit cheesy but I still like the idea of their whole lives together out in front of them…glimpse-photography-woodland-fall-engagement-photos-21glimpse-photography-woodland-fall-engagement-photos-23glimpse-photography-woodland-fall-engagement-photos-24glimpse-photography-woodland-fall-engagement-photos-25glimpse-photography-woodland-fall-engagement-photos-26glimpse-photography-woodland-fall-engagement-photos-29glimpse-photography-woodland-fall-engagement-photos-28

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