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Rebecca & Michael | Private Garden Harrisonburg Engagement Photos

We met Rebecca and Michael at a private garden near Harrisonburg for some very lovely engagement photos the other week.  These two said they never had professional photos done before, you would never know it!  They did a really great job and I’m so pleased with how their photos turned out.  We are looking forward to their wedding at the Frontier Culture Museum in August.

You’ll see a guitar in their photos, that is because Michael is a professional guitarist!  He can hear a song once and just play it!  Amazing.  I love guitar music and when my husband, then boyfriend,  found that out he learned to play to impress me.  It worked, I married him! These two are quite musical, Rebecca plays the drums, she just picked up some sticks one day and found out she had a natural knack for it.  They play in a band together as well.

Rebecca and Michael both attended Liberty University but never met at school.  Michael was interning at a church and Rebecca happened to do a short internship at the same church!  They found they had a lot in common and it grew from there.  We really enjoyed getting to know them a bit.  Their natural teasing banter kept us laughing the whole evening.

Update:  You can see their wedding here!


round diamond ring


dancing-in-the-sun-engagement-photo-glimpsephotographygarden-engagement-photos-glimpsephotography-51guitar-engagement-photosguitar-engagement-photosgarden-engagement-photos-glimpsephotography-41round diamond ringgarden-engagement-photos-glimpsephotography-45romantic-porch-swing-coupleromantic-porch-swing-couplegarden-engagement-photos-glimpsephotography-48garden-engagement-photos-glimpsephotography-49garden-engagement-photos-glimpsephotography-50round diamond ringI took this one because I loved the contrast in the leaves and flowers but when I was developing it I found a surprise on the flower.  Can you see it?!garden-engagement-photos-glimpsephotography-54
A tiny praying mantis right in the middle!  I love these bugs.  At our other house we had thousands of them hatching each year.  It was so fun to find a new batch of teeny tiny baby mantises (is that a word?!)

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