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Olivia and James! | Engagement Portraits | Virginia Wedding Photographer

I’m privileged to share these photos with you all.  For you see this is my niece!  She was just a baby when Aaron and I met.  I just have to share a photo of her when she was little!  What a cutie!

glimpse photography


I’m so excited about Olivia marrying James.  They are young, in love and a really great couple!  They are goofy and full of tons of fun.  I believe they will have a very joy filled life together!  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them better.  We live 400 miles apart so we don’t get the chance to be close to my nieces (I have 13 on my side!) so it is special for us to spend time with Olivia and her beau.  We went out in my parent’s back yard which as a wooded ravine for our photo session.  Despite the annoying bugs we created some really fun photos.  There are tons more then I’m posting here but I hope you enjoy some highlights.

Their September wedding is in Ohio and we are really looking forward to it.  🙂



woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-01woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-02woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-04woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-05sapphire engagement ringwoodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-07woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-08woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-09

woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-13woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-10woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-11woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-12sapphire engagement ringwoodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-15woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-16woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-17woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-18woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-19woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-20beautiful redhead

woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-24beautiful redhead

woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-25beautiful redheadwoodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-26woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-27woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-28woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-29woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-30woodland-engagement-photos-glimpse-photography-31

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