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My New Headshots!

I thought I needed a new head shot.  I have had my hair cut, new glasses (not so new anymore) and generally have gotten, ahem, older.   So tonight after I got home from a family session Aaron took a few shots of me.  This is what I look like on a daily basis, ponytail and comfy clothes. I’ll admit I did put on lipstick and retouched the blemishes (I’m over the big four O so why are they still there?!).  So I guess I’ll start using some of these on Linkedin and facebook and forums etc.  So thanks to my husband for making me look so good.  🙂

I wanted to add a little plug here for having your portrait taken by a professional.  I have to admit that seeing myself in a photo conjures up mixed emotions.  Sometimes I see a photo and say, oh my do I really look like that?  Other times I think positive things.  Women seem to really struggle with how we look and then it causes us to act according to how we feel about our looks.  I had a revelation recently.  When I was younger I really did not like the way I looked.  I though God made a mistake.  Terrible, right?  How many of us feel this way? It’s called self hatred and it will do nothing but harm us.  So I’ve been working to stop agreeing with the lies and begin embracing the truth of who I am in Christ and how he made me.  What we believe to be true about ourselves is projected to others and we get responses accordingly.  So what does having a portrait done have to do with any of this stuff?  Having someone coach you and really bring out the beauty that is already there is an amazing process and actually can bring healing.  One of my brides just told me something to the effect of I’ve never looked good in photos but you make me look so good, I love it.  She is beautiful and I had the chance to show her that.  What an honor.



For me, I’m ready to walk in truth and grace. I’m ready to do the work God has for me. I’m ready to see myself for real not the counterfeit. photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-02photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-03photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-04photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-05photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-06photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-07photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-08photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-09photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-10photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-11photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-12photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-13photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-14photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-15photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-16photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-17photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-18photographer-headshot-Christina-glimpsephotography-19

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