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Moving, Packing And All That Stuff…

Good morning, I thought it may be fun to update on our house building project.  The drywall is now done {I don’t have a photo yet!}.  We will be starting to paint Saturday! Once that is all finished we will install the wood flooring, stain it and apply the finish.  At that point we’ll install light fixtures, appliances, toilets etc and move in!  We will have a lot of unfinished things as well. So if you visit it may still look a bit like a construction zone!  It has been so wet this fall and winter that we were only able to plant grass in one area so far.  Since Aaron has done everything by himself {except block, brick, insulation and drywall} the timeline of things looks different then when subcontractors are hired.  I am amazed at how much he has gotten done since we broke ground in April {all the while working a couple of jobs!}  I couldn’t be more proud of his skill and dedication.

One of our favorite features is our fireplace. I saw Jenni Kayne’s fireplace and was completely taken by it.  So after lots of research {there isn’t any real how tos out there}, trials and errors, we did it!  It is cement that looks like old wood!  The wood we used for the forms came from the ancient barn Aaron tore down and reassembled at our other house. Thanks to Aaron at County Line Construction in Harrisonburg and Keith at Superior Concrete for helping us figure out the problems.  Some day we’ll put a how post on Multzi!


This phone snap was the first time we turned on the outdoor lights!  We have cherry wood to put around the door and a cool floating overhang to install before the front is finished.  We will be moving in February so things are going to be very crazy for us.  The best way to contact me will be through email. The beauty of having a smart phone!house at night

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