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Mess? What Mess?! | Virginia Professional Photographer

Mess?  Did someone say mess?!  We are in the throws of moving and we have boxes every where!  I can’t move the office yet because the internet company can’t seem to send the right hardware and when they do send it unfortunately we are not in Kentucky.  So I will need to take a week or two off just to get everything moved and put back together.  Thank you all for your patience during our move.  I will try to answer emails as fast as I can.  I am exhausted and we aren’t even finished yet.  Just think I’ll have to do it again in about 18 months or so…..  As long as I keep the goal of a new house in the future I can endure!  😉  God has blessed us beyond measure with a great rental and I’m excited to see how things are going to fall into place.  I’ll keep you posted.


Happy Monday everyone!



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