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Korean Dol & First Birthday Party

A sweet little boy turned one!  I had the privilege of photographing him as a newborn. As well as his beautiful momma’s maternity photos.  We went to the party as guests and I took a few photos for fun.  It was a mix of a regular ‘ol birthday party and a traditional Korean Dol.  I didn’t take any photos of when he was in his baby dabho hanbok (traditional clothing) that his grandfather brought from Korea. There was another photographer that came later and I didn’t want to get in her way. 🙂  But I got some really fun snaps of the first part of the party.

I just love this little guy, he is one of the most expressive babies I’ve ever seen. He was on his way over to me and wanted to be snuggled a bit.  I could just squeeze him to pieces!

American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-9American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-1American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-2American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-3He went straight to the football, which made dad very happy. As everyone burst in applause, he burst into tears! Poor boy, we scared him to pieces!American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-4American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-5American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-6I couldn’t stop eating these! yum!American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-7American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-8American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-10Jinny’s oppa from sunny Cali!American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-11American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-12Blessing by halmeoni (Grandma’s) PastorAmerican-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-13American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-14American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-15American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-16He loved pushing button’s on my camera!American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-18This was another fun part for me, Lee Dae-Geun came to the party and I really enjoyed talking with his daughter. We had so much in common. Dae-Geun is a long time actor and celebrity from Korea.  I haven’t seen any of his movies but I’m told he is really good at being the tough guy.American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-19American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-20American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-21My hubby is in on the action here. He’s wearing his typical Irish hat. 🙂American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-22American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-42American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-23American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-24Here is mommy and ajeossi (uncle) at their Dol(s)

American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-25American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-26Adorbs!American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-27American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-28American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-29American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-30American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-31American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-32American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-33American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-34Traditionally gold jewelry is given on the first birthday. The gold ring signifies “longevity and hope for a prosperous life”.American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-35American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-36American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-37American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-38American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-39American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-40American-Korean_Dol_doljanchi_-41

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