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Kinsey Family | Harrisonburg Family Photographer

The Kinsey family contacted me a while back about doing a portrait of their extended family.  It is so hard to get large families together all at once.  It has been several years since the Kinsey’s have all been together.  Since we are renting and only have a small space to work with we used the Presidential suite at EMU.  This is the second time I’ve used this space. It is always a good experience.  Thanks Lynn at EMU for being so great to work with!

Mr. Kinsey happens to be my neighbor and good friend’s pastor. I went to the church’s website and saw our neighbors in some of the home page photos!  I hadn’t made the connection until I saw the website!  Kind of fun to have connections like that.  He pastors at Mill Creek Church of the Brethren.

I had a fun time meeting and working with this family.  I did a lot of laughing!  I have no idea what was happening behind me when I was doing some of the smaller groupings, but it sure must have been funny!  I’m not sure I want to know! 😉  Thanks Kinsey’s for being so easy to work with and fun on top of that!


Large-family-Studio-portrait-harrisonburg_va-glimpse-photographyfamily-Studio-portrait-harrisonburg_va-glimpse-photographyI even found bunny ears in some of the shots that were supposed to be ‘serious’….. hmmmmm


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