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As a photographer I use tools.  I use cameras and lenses, lights and a whole hoard of other gear.  Now days we also use a bunch of computer tools.  I don’t use many ‘actions’ that I’ve purchased because I find that I need to make my own.  However, there are some that I have really liked over the years.  Kevin Kubota is a photographer and teacher who has a line of actions, presets & other goodies to make life as a photographer fun and a bit easier.  Every time I’ve watched anything he has produced, I find my self laughing out loud, even if it’s commercial for something other then his products.  For instance this video cracks me up!before-after-kevin-kubota-glimpse-photography

I’ve used some of his products for years and I wanted to share the love.  His black and whites in the Artistic Tools pack are amazing.  The above photo is of the beautiful Ellie.  The first one is SOC and the second one is enhanced then finished with some Kevin magic.  If you are looking for ways to add pizazz and save yourself from having to make your own actions click on the links on my blog and shop away!

“You can’t create in a vacuum, unless you want to suck.” –Kevin


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