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How To Photograph Wood Spoons That Are Divine | Product Photography

As a family we have always loved wood.  My husband grew up in the wood shop (his dad is an accomplished woodworker and makes guitars now).  Being in the shop, designing and creating is a huge part of Aaron’s life.  We are excited to begin to showcase a taste of his talent.  I also get to use my talents along side him in this new endeavor!  I wanted to share one of the first photo shoots for Multzi, our brand new project!



Making the practice of life beautiful is our aim with Multzi.  Join with us as we grow.





For this shoot I used natural light and a white reflector.  I didn’t have a fancy studio space either as you can clearly see from the photos below! This is what I call the cold room.  It is an enclosed patio on the north side of our house.  We have bikes, watering cans and a steamer {I was trying to get the wrinkles out of the linen-like that worked!}  I needed my backdrop to be a few more inches taller so I used what I had…photo album and a box of cereal.  Hey whatever works right?!  I have to say that natural light is lovely however I do prefer the consistency of studio lights.  I didn’t take the time I should have on the above photos in post process to get the color temperature right.  When shooting with natural light you will get some very different temperatures which is what you see above.  The easiest thing to do would have been change my Kelvin temp in camera as things changed but I didn’t.  oops.  If you have any questions about how I did this shoot leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer you.




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