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Do you have an Etsy shop or sell products online and need some great photography of your items?  I can help!  To sell your art, good photos are needed.  Photos and brand matter. I can help present your work in a way that matches your brand so that it enhances your site.


wood-flat-splatula-03-multziClassic-wood-spoon-18-multziThe above photos are from our new website and Etsy shop.

Now, what would it look like if I took these on my old chest freezer instead of in the studio?  Not so great right?



Below are some items from around my home and studio.

handmade-wood-cups-multziglimpsephotographyLynn Lais-potterThis pottery oil lamp came from the studio of Lynn Lais. We have many pieces from him.  My favorite bowls were special ordered from him.Gary-Yoder-bird-carverOur blue bird feather was carved and painted by Gary Yoder.  When going into his studio you feel like you are surrounded by real live birds. He is talent is amazing.encausticsThe encaustics were made by yours truly.  I’d love to do more of this but a well ventilated place is needed and as of now I don’t have that.  Maybe this summer I can work outside….encausticsContact the studio for a price quote for photographing your art or craft.  I’d love to work with you.

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