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Diamonds Are Forever | Virginia Black & White Photographer

I cut my teeth, so to speak, on black & white photography. I was the studio yearbook photographer in high school. I organized all the photographers and made sure they were going to show up to shoot the basketball game or the fish fry fund raiser.  I also was in charge of rolling film off the bulk roll for them and then developing it.  That was the part I really was not good at.  I seemed to always ruin several frames because I couldn’t get it rolled correctly in the pitch dark.  I hate to admit it even now.  We had this little print processor for making the prints that we would use in the yearbook layout.  So I would mix the chemicals and spend hours in the dark room printing poorly exposed photos of teachers and students. What fun! 😉

Times certainly have changed.  Now to make a black & white, I spend {sometimes hours} time tweaking the red channel or fixing the contrast in broad daylight at my computer.  I still love the simplicity of a black & white print and I don’t feel like I have mastered it’s creation at all.  To make a truly great black and white photo, it’s not just a matter of desaturating it.  It really needs to start at capture.  What tones are in the scene? Texture?  Not all photographs look good monochromatic, really trust me.

So I may post some random black & white photos once in a while. This was taken at a wedding this summer and I had a bit of ring envy over this beauty.


diamond wedding ring

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