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Contest Winners! | Wildwood Park Bridgewater, Virginia

This couple was the winner of a contest put on by The Wishing Well last year for Valentine’s day.  They won other prizes like a weekend away, couple’s massage and dancing lessons!  We extended their photo session to include their family.  It was fun to see how the girl’s opened up to me by the end of the session.  I had them picking flowers and giggling by the end.  They also liked my treasure box!  Their youngest is a part of their family through the foster care system so we can not show her face here bit let me tell you, she is adorable!   We have not been foster parents so I can’t say I know first hand about being a parent in this way. However, we know a lot of people who do experience it everyday.  I’m not going to lie and say, “it’s so amazing and wonderful blah blah” because that wouldn’t be the whole truth.  But from what I understand the lasting rewards that comes through fostering out weigh the struggles.  The key to this is families that are doing this because they have love.  They are not those who, I’m ashamed to say, do it for money, which I will never understand a person trying to make money off a hurting child. It sickens me. I’m so thankful for people like this family and many of my friends who are making this choice even when it is hard.  Foster parents are not super heroes that are set apart because they are so ‘great’, they are ordinary people who have love to give a hurting child.  I asked Lisa for some thoughts on her experience.  Even though she has had a challenging several weeks {some days are good and some days are really hard as children cope with different things they have experienced}.  I loved what she said.

I would like to say that while fostering requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice, there are so many rewards. Once the child comes through your door, they will always be a part of your heart/life. My girls still discuss past short-term placements just like they are considered part of our family.

Please consider becoming a foster family. Children in Our community need safe, healthy, loving families that have a heart and desire to bless & help children heal.




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