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Clusters: A Modern Photo Collage | Harrisonburg Professional Photographer

I love Modern. I also love old world. So I guess you could say I’m eclectic in my style.  Designing a new house is tons of fun for us and one thing I think about is what my walls will look like.  I have gold, silver, wood and even barn wood frames.  But my favorite photos are my Clusters. In the rental I don’t have any of our personal ones on the walls because we are limited to how many holes we can put in the wall.   Since our Clusters are hung on a grid system there are a good many holes.  I do have one in the studio area that I hung with command strips {works great for those of you who have to limit holes}.

Any ways since the Cluster is my favorite I thought I’d highlight it here for you.  Below is a Cluster that used to hang in my son’s room at the old house.  {The photos were taken by Molly Whitmore.}




This Cluster is the one in the studio space now.  The lovely Ruthie and Jon.


All Clusters start out on the computer where we have the advantage of designing and seeing what they will look like before hand.  The options are vast since it is a complete custom item.


This sweet little one’s Cluster ended up above her crib and I believe they added her name with wooden letters after I got it installed for them.


The really fun part of the Cluster is that it isn’t just for portraits and weddings it also can be used in a business or office.  Cornerstone Christian school commissioned me to create this one for their lobby.  The center was reserved for a TV that displayed changeable material relevant for the week.

Photo_Cluster_Glimpse_Photography_Virginia_commerial_corporate_Photographer{Excuse the old logo look}


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