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childhood cancer | Inspiring words from a mom

If you are from our area, you probably have heard of Sam and his battle against cancer.  I’ve known Sam his whole life because he is my cousin’s son.  We would see each other at family reunions and at the market or bump into each other at Costco.  I remember when Abbey was pregnant with the twins and watching her baby belly grow and grow!  Then seeing how big that got from one family gathering to another.  When our son was born and we named him Sam Abbey pulled her Sam aside to introduce him since they share a name. 

Back in 2010 we had a really big reunion with more then just our immediate families and I grabbed the photo below of Sam and Joe (Sam is on the right).  They were so gracious about having their picture taken, not too many young boys want to ‘pose’ for pictures!

Many have been inspired by Abbey’s writings throughout their journey and I’m one of them.  Being a person of faith, it has been especially inspiring.  Seeing how Jesus walks with a person in the valley of the shadow of death is comforting. I wanted to share some excerpts from the We Support Sam facebook page. I keep reading this over and over and am encouraged, baffled and inspired by the strength, wisdom and peace that God can give those who seek Him.

Abbey and family, we love you and will continue to pray for healing for your broken hearts as you mourn. 




“The day before Sam’s relapse was diagnosed, I picked up a book: Abandonment to Divine Providence, by Jean-Pierre de Caussade. (This I find humorous, as Divine Providence guided me to that very book.) I took that book with me as I headed down to UVA, and like so many times before, I realized God had pointed me to just the right book at just the right time.

…Abandoning oneself to Divine Providence gives one, above all, joy. Not only in big things did I learn to trust, but in little ones as well…

….Trusting the will of God in the face of the dying of one’s child is the ultimate, “Do you trust Me?” I know that many children are cured of their cancers, and we have heard many stories of miraculous cures after all treatments had proven futile. That’s not how our story ended. As we presented Sam before the altar on Saturday, I felt the joy of complete trust. If I had to put words to my prayer then, it would be: “Though You could have cured Sam and You didn’t, I trust and love You still. I know Sam is with You and You will pour out Your compassion and tenderness to all of us in our grief.”…

…Our minds are so small compared to divine wisdom that even if we got the answer to the question, “Why?” I don’t think we could comprehend it. Better than why is the question, “What will You have of me?” Because I believe the answer to that is always, “Just trust.” Trust that in our trials and adversities, He’s giving us an opportunity to grow in holiness and virtue, to become perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. (James 1:4) With boundless trust, we too will be able to say with the psalmist: “You have given me more joy than they have when wine and grain abound, for You alone, Lord, make me secure.” (Psalm 4)


…“While Sam was still alive, several people told me they’d had a dream that included Sam hopping out of bed and walking away. The details in the dreams varied, but the phrase, “hopping out of bed and walking away,” was used by all who had these dreams. One described Sam as hopping out of bed after having been healed and made perfect……

…..Sam’s heart beat was gone. Sam’s head was turned toward me and his face was very peaceful.
I thought of the contrast between his almost death and his actual one. There was no struggle with his death, no agonal breathing or even a last gasp, just a peaceful slipping away. He’d simply hopped up out of bed, having been healed and made perfect, and walked into eternal life.”

– Abbey


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