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As you’ve seen in previous posts I’ve been working on shooting a bunch of products for New Creation here in Harrisonburg.  I have really enjoyed the task.  And a task it is!  Product photography seems simple, “oh yay, anyone can do that right?”  I’ve done some work in this field but not lots.  I called a friend, Ron from Ron Jackson Artistry  for advice.  He was so helpful and encouraging.  (If you want to see amazing architectural photography go to his site)  I got to work right away and came up with images I am happy with.

To give you an idea of some challenges that came up, check out this beautiful silver bracelet below.  When I just photographed it straight up, it was gold because it was reflecting the cloth and the inside was dead/black looking (not shown).  As you see on the left I put a torn piece of paper inside to give a good reflection on the inside but the outside is gold, not the true color.  So there are different options for getting the color right; I could cut out a piece of paper to go around the bracelet to reflect into it without moving the bracelet and composite later(see below), or I could fix the color in post processing. Both ways are good.  For this piece I did both.  I used the reflected paper for the inside and the outside I corrected the color in processing.



A lot of times people will take their own photos.  Many shops on Etsy do this and that is why there are lots of articles related to Etsy concerning how to take better photos.  There is a lot of great help out there.  I read those when working on our own products for Multzi.  However I found that using natural light was a liability for me.  I want to get more consistent light then what I can get with natural light.  Even using studio lights gives inconsistent results depending on angle and amount of light reflected etc.  It drives me crazy….yet challenges me in a good way.  Working with these products got me excited about photography in a new way.

Below are a few before and after shots of a few pieces.  The befores look good until you see the afters.  If you don’t know what is possible they are fine.  As I improve my skills I’ll probably think the right side shots are horrible! 😉



Here is a sampling of what I did for New Creation, if you want to see more go to their shop and buy something!

If you want to help New Creation check this out.



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