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All Grown Up | Broadway Harrisonburg Children’s Photographer

This sweet girl has been waiting and waiting for her turn for portraits!  Her brother gets to come every few months and her sister once a year but she had to wait several years!  She and her siblings are in a program called the 7 ages of childhood with our studio and the purpose is to capture the children as they grow and change. As a child gets a bit older they don’t change drastically year to year so instead of coming every year for photos it is staggered a bit. Being the oldest, she doesn’t get to come every year.  However we do a family photo every year and I usually take a few photos of each child by themselves.  It is not the same thing as having your very own session though!

I love this family and how they have become friends of our whole family.  Our husbands are like two peas in a pod when they get together and hatch new ideas that scare us women!  I still remember when Melissa came into my make-shift studio in Harrisonburg while she was pregnant with the precious girl you see below!  It really has been special to photograph their kids and watch them grow up.  They all look forward to coming for photos and feel comfortable with me.  Melissa today me after the session that she likes how the kids aren’t afraid or nervous when they come for photos because they know me and know what to expect.  That is one benefit to sticking with one photographer instead of be-bopping around. Kids can have performance anxiety which makes a session hard for mom, kid and photographer.  I always look forward to these sessions because I know they will go off without a snag.  We photographed her little brother at the same time so it was a double header. You can see his photos here.

glimpse-photography-outdoor-9-year-old-photo-ideaslimpse-photography-outdoor-9-year-old-photo-ideas-pink dresslimpse-photography-outdoor-9-year-old-photo-ideas-gardenglimpse-photography-yellow-lilylimpse-photography-outdoor-9-year-old-photo-ideas-yellow-lilieslimpse-photography-outdoor-9-year-old-photo-ideas-classic-black-and-white-photographlimpse-photography-outdoor-9-year-old-photo-ideas-woodslimpse-photography-outdoor-9-year-old-photo-ideas-woodslimpse-photography-outdoor-9-year-old-photo-ideas-garden-stonelimpse-photography-outdoor-9-year-old-photo-ideas

At the end we tried to wrangle the little guy one last time for a sibling photo.  He was a bit too busy but he did manage a happy face.   limpse-photography-outdoor-3-kids-siblings-old-photo-ideas

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