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AJ & Christian | Downtown Harrisonburg Engagement

I met AJ & Christian downtown Harrisonburg for their engagement session.  AJ confessed to me when we first met that she was nervous!  I think you’ll agree that she did a great job and looks very pretty in all her photos!  I’m not an expert with names but when I saw AJ’s name I thought it looked like a Korean name but then someone said something about Japan so I chalked it up to me not being as smart as I thought I was!  Then when we met she said she was Korea but moved to Japan then to the US, I felt redeemed. Living in all three places, she of course speaks all three languages, English, Japanese and Korean.  I am totally impressed.  I have a hard time with just one! I can say hi in Japanese, sorry, love, brother, grandma, and hi in Korean, a hand full of Spanish words and lastly quite a few of English words. 😉

These two are a very smart couple, both in the medical/biology fields.  I try to sound intelligent when talking with them 😉  Thankfully we could talk about guitars and Korea dramas which I do know something about!  They met at college in the biology lab! I can totally see them with those goggles and white coats!  If we would have had more time it would have been fun to find a lab somewhere for their photos.  Since AJ lives in Florida and most of the time here is spent running around planning and getting things ready for the big day it makes time precious. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to take these photos.

Enjoy AJ & Christian’s downtown engagement!

UPDATE: Check out their wedding here!




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