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A Good Read | The Business Of Photography

The business of photography? What?! Isn’t photography about light, composition and art and a cool camera?? What does business have to do with it?

There are tons, I mean tons of photographers in our world. Then there are photographers who are entrepreneurs, a person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture.  These people love art and photography but they also make a living or a partial living from their art. Although there are lots of new photographers around now, there are not as many who are actually running a business. I know that sounds strange right?  They charge money right?  There is a difference between charging money and making money. One thing that many people starting out, in any kind of business, forget to calculate is time.  Do you think someone working for 10 hours on a project is taking home a lot of money when they charge $200? {Most photographers spend a least this much time on a typical session) Yes you say, $20/hour!  Wow that sounds great right?  Think about it with me. Do they have taxes, equipment costs, cost of products, internet costs, babysitting, insurance or rent?  If they have any of those, then we are realistically looking at a much smaller number per hour. I’m not discrediting those starting out or those who do it for a hobby. I’m simply pointing out that just because someone has a camera, or a design program or a woodshop or any other skill, it doesn’t mean they are running a profitable business that supports a family.

My husband and I are entrepreneurs at heart.  We have tried different things over the years and we plan on trying other ventures in the future because we are wired that way.  But to be successful at any business you have to know what you are doing, you have to understand business.  I am first to admit I sometimes don’t know what I’m doing!  So this is where education comes in.  One business man that I admire a lot is Dave Ramsey. Mr. Ramsey has lots of resources for personal finances but he also does a lot with leadership development.  He is about bringing Hope to people.  I like that. Bringing hope. It goes along with my goal, to show people how beautiful they really are.  If you can see your beauty in a new way, it can bring hope.

We all need hope.  So today I want to share a new book that we are engulfing. If you dream of owning a business and actually making a living from that business, this just might help you out in that journey.

Entreleadership: Practical business wisdom from the trenches


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