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Soft Curls | Virginia Black & White Photographer

So ‘back in the day‘ our school’s darkroom {where film is processed and prints are printed} was located in the old boiler room under the school, behind the gym.  It was a bit spooky and lonely down there.  It also happened to be somewhat connected to the boys locker room. Yes you read that correctly!  There was one vent in that cramped, smelly room and it was directly connected to the locker room.  I did happen to over hear some conversations.  Thankfully it wasn’t the stereotypical locker room talk. I still have some prints I made of classmates and favorite teachers in one of those old peal and stick albums {please don’t use those for your photos!}


But for today, here is a lovely shot of my twin {we kinda look alike} niece. Of course it is digital media but this is what I imagine it would look like if I used Kodak tmax 400 film.


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