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The Big Reveal!

christina_Glimpse_Photography_01A word from Christina

The photography scene has evolved dramatically since I first began 13 years ago.  With the last four years being the most drastic.  This prompted me to make some changes.  In our personal lives we, at times, need to take a step back and reflect on who we are, who we want to become as well as what changes we need to make to get there. The same applies with businesses, especially creative ones.  I didn’t feel like I could do go through this process alone so I worked with Jaye who owns The Hatchery Design Company.

What we have done is update our site and packaging to reflect what it is I actually do:  custom tailor portraits to show people how beautiful they really are.  I’m so excited to reveal our new look.  After talking with clients and sharing that information with Jaye, she came back to me with the concept of tailoring as a possibility.  As I sat and listened to her explain it I could feel my insides jumping around and yelling, “Yes this is it!”  Unbeknownst to her I used to be an avid seamstress.  So the whole concept not only fit what I do as a photographer but also fits in with my interests personally.

The definition of a tailor is a person whose occupation is making fitted clothes such as suits, pants, and jackets to fit individual customers.  So as a tailor creates or alters clothing that flatters & fits a person, I photograph a person in a way that does the same. Can anyone take a picture?  Yes of course, but can everyone create a portrait that brings out a person’s personality?  I don’t believe so.  I believe it takes a combination of knowledge, skill and art.  That is what I do at Glimpse Photography.

Another change in the studio is the addition of wedding coverage which we began offering two years ago.  I’m pleased to be working primarily with Havilah Wingfield to create a great photography team for weddings.  Please take some time to look through the new wedding gallery to see our work.

We are looking for testimonials to feature on our Raves page.  If you would like to be included please call or email me.  Another feature that I’m excited about is the commenting on and sharing posts will be easier then before.  I really enjoy hearing from you and how you feel about what you are seeing on the blog, don’t be shy!

Again, I’m so pleased with our new look and am excited to hear your response.

See ya soon!

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