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17 Years…

It’s been 17 years that Aaron and I have been married! We celebrated our anniversary on Saturday.  As we were driving to go out to eat I looked over at Aaron and thought, “wow, I really love this guy!”  Maybe that should be a given but in our world so many people look at their mate and think the opposite.  We were talking to a couple that have been married for two years and they asked if we had any advice for newbies like them.  Aaron quickly said, “never stop dating because we are always changing and we need to keep growing and changing together.”  I agree wholeheartedly and it is hard when you work lots of different jobs, build a house, raise children and are active at church…

For me the word is Intentional.  If you live life floating along and just doing what it right before you and not thinking and planning you are not living intentionally.  Often you wake up one morning and say how did I get here?!  Wake up and realize you are thousands of dollars in debt, on the verge of bankruptcy, or your marriage is a mess, your house it beyond repair, addicted to something that is killing you. It happens to the best of us.  I had a youth pastor that I worked under in college, Vernon Zook, who taught me this.  I’ve carried it with me and lately it has come back to the front line of my life.  Life is short and it is easy to get off track if I’m not intentional about my marriage, raising kids, and work.  I’m not willing to miss out on what God has for me by looking at my feet, complaining about how hard everything is and shuffling along.

All that said, as we celebrated our 17 years of marriage we were shocked at how fast it went and thrilled at where we are headed.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.


Thanks to my dad for taking these quick shots! 😉

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